I am a practicing 20 year lawyer at an AmLaw100 law firm and repeat taker. I first started with a private tutor from another service and then used two other services that you typically see advertised, but still found myself answering questions like a practicing lawyer and not a law…
Need to Take the Out-of-State Attorney’s California Bar Exam? For a lawyer with a busy schedule, preparing for the California Out-of-State attorneys exam may seem a daunting task. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be. We know that busy, practicing out-of-state attorneys taking the CA Bar Exam, have limited study time. That’s why our course and particularly our California Bar Exam Approach Book (“Bar Bible”) is an excellent fit for full time professionals.

Our Approach Book has the substantive law, culled down to just what you need to pass the essay portion of the California Attorney’s Exam. Memorization of the substantive law in the format and structure for the California Bar, makes studying for and passing the bar, a reality for the busy practitioner. We pre-write the issues and law for you in the Approach Book, even in sections that say, “State this on the bar exam” in the format you will write it on the actual bar exam. We are the very best at what we do.

Flexible, coursework that allows you to prepare with our on-demand, streaming video lectures.

Simulated Examinations uploaded through our Learning Management System on an iPad or even on your Android, we’ll provide you with the streamlined prep you need, without the extras you don’t need.

We provide you with an online mentor, a licensed California attorney, trained and seasoned with the unique needs of out-of-state attorney California Bar Exam applicants.

Further, we give you Simulated Essay and Performance Test exams with quality, extensive feedback. Our goal: Bridging the gap, between what you know as a practicing attorney or busy professional, to passing the California Bar Exam. (Private, confidential one-on-one tutoring also available.)

You Deserve to Pass the California Bar Exam to complete your relocation. At Barwinners, Professor Shari Karney, Esq. has designed a program with the attorney bar taker in mind. (And since your test will be graded together with those of General Bar Exam takers, our streaming video lectures are combined with the general bar exam information that’s mission critical for you to know.)

We’ll help you write the law like a law student, not like a lawyer– a curious but essential skill necessary for passing the California exam. 14 Tested Substantive Subjects…Distilled into What You Need to Make Passing the California Bar Exam a reality.

Don’t take a chance with commercial bar reviews that might have worked for you as a first time novice bar taker right out of law school who has 12 hours a day to study. That type of bar review just isn’t realistic for a practicing attorney with an already crowded calendar. Barwinners is different. Created for attorneys just like you, the Barwinners out-of-state attorney California bar exam program will give you peace of mind, structured study, boiled down rules of law, practice writing with Simulated Exams.

Save Time with Our Effective Study Programs. Discover what successful California bar exam test takers already know. Barwinners comprehensive program for passing the bar in 2017. Our California Attorneys Exam Prep Includes:

  • On-Demand streaming video lectures taught by California Bar Exam expert professors covering Essay and Performance Tests. (MBE lectures available if you are taking the MBE).
  • Take classes around your schedule, not ours. And with great professors.
  • Flexible learning, works around your schedule and on your devices.
  • Structured daily schedule
  • The Attorney Exam Approach Book “Bar Bible”
  • Timed, Simulated (CA Bar Exam conditions) Sessions
  • Bar review outlines, lectures, Performance Tests (MBE,  2,000 MBE questions & explanations optional).
  • Essay Workshops, Performance Test Workshop, (MBE Workshops-optional), Simulated Performance Exams, grading and feedback
  • Online Attorney Mentor-Questions answered by a licensed California Attorney
  • Simulated Practice Bar Exam Essays you upload to our learning management system with quality feedback, grading & turn around time.
  • PERSONALIZED attention for every attorney.