Dan Johnston Attorney’s Exam

I recently moved to the Bay Area and needed to pass the California Bar.  I was fairly concerned as it had been 10 years since I had graduated law school and took my last bar exam.  Practicing law is about shortcuts and I understood that shortcuts would not allow me to pass the California Bar Exam.  In addition, I understood California’s Bar Exam to be one of the more challenging bar exams in the country.

With this apprehension, I contacted BarWinners and the owner, Shari Karney, answered the phone.  I found her demeanor to be very reassuring.  She understood my fear and understood what possible issues and obstacles I may face as a 10 year practicing attorney taking the California Bar.  She laid out a game plan for me to pass the exam.  Shari was very confident that if I followed her game plan, I would pass the California Bar.  Additionally, she stated that she would follow my progress and offer any additional assistance if it became evident I needed it.  After talking with Shari, I felt confident and my fears were assuaged.

The program started and sure enough, Shari monitored my progress and sent my updated emails with helpful tips and pointers.  About halfway through the program, Shari and I both noticed that I needed additional assistance with the Performance Tests.  Shari had mentioned in our first conversation that practicing attorneys’ biggest problem was usually the Performance Test.  Shari set up additional tutoring sessions with two BarWinners coaches who helped me with my issues on the Performance Test.  The additional tutoring was highly specialized and helped me overcome my issues with the Performance Test.

Shari was true to her word.  I followed the program and I passed the California Bar.  I could not have done this without Shari and BarWinners.  I highly recommend BarWinners to anyone who wants to pass the California Bar.  The program is tailored for people with all types of schedules.  Shari is highly responsive and vested in you passing the California Bar.  I took Barbri for the first bar exam I took.  I can unequivocally say that my experience with BarWinners was far superior to my experience with Barbri.

*Daniel J. (last name not provided for confidentiality and privacy)

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