I struggled with the Bar . I was referred to Shari Karney by a law school friend of mine.

Shari and her Course are a force of nature that changed my life forever! It was as I was healed by Shari’s care, attention and instruction. I’m not obligated to write this or being compensated for it.

This testimonial is coming straight from my heart.

I feel her secret for me was that she uses materials she has taken straight from the committee’s sample answers with a synthesis of her own instruction and outlines she has cultivated for a long time to create a proven method for success. It’s literally like a formula that is tried and true. Her class made me realize that other bar reviews are just not as helpful in comparison.

Finally, she truly cares about her students…each and every one. She cares about your success as if it were her own. I experienced it first hand. SHARI I LOVE YOU AND I THANK GOD I MET YOU!!! I truly am a fan and so are my friends and family.

*Arran Scott

*(last name withheld to protect student privacy and confidentiality)