I came into your course not knowing what to expect. Instead of a monotonous repitition of the law, like some other bar reviews, you told me what I needed to know to pass the exam the first time. I highly recommend Barwinners to anyone serious about passing the bar.

Your course was definitely worth it. I think what a lot of people don’t calculate is the exponential value of passing 6 months early and they go with a cheaper bar
review that gets them no results. Six months not being an attorney is six months less experience, six months less of generating clients, and when you are coming towards the end of your career, that extra six months potentially could be worth a million $ or more. That extra $2000 they spend on your bar review over barbri is nothing in the long run. I would guess that anyone who doesn’t pass the bar after taking your class really just did not do the work. To be honest I probably did about 2/3 of all the assignments and I was way more than prepared.

Robert Kayvon II, Attorney at Law