Harry Gill, LL.M. Bar Exam


The California Bar is one of the most challenging bar exams. I knew I needed to pass on the first try and I needed to finish the last part of a long law school journey.

I checked out the competition and asked for materials. I wanted critical feedback on my work. I was weak on my MBEs and my performance tests were dismal at best. I was skeptical of a local company but I wanted live classes where I could ask questions and get the support I needed.

Barwinners exceeded all my expectations of what a good bar prep company should be. They packed in the law, the practice, the feedback, and the support I needed to pass the bar.

Everyday Shari would talk to me and tell me what to work on. One of the professor’s even noticed I got distracted by my laptop and suggested I put it away so I could focus and learn. ! That shows how much they want you to pass!

The faculty is top-notch and knowledgeable. A professor even emailed me materials that would help me understand the materials. That’s caring and unheard of at other companies!I know in Bar prep I needed a strong foundation to succeed.

With Barwinner’s and Shari’s help they helped me reach my true potential! I passed the CA Bar Exam the 1x time!

Thank you so much.

Harry Gill, Esq.



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