I know this is a big decision so here’s my honest opinion.

I highly recommend Shari’s class (Barwinners) but I want to explain why so that you can make a good decision for yourself. I was a first time taker. I absolutely needed to pass the first time because I needed to get a job immediately after the bar for family reasons.

I took the Platinum 1-on-1 Tutorial program, which was a big financial investment for me – I put it on three different credit cards- but it was worth it because I passed.

My February California Bar Exam, had one of the lowest passing scores in more than 50 years and I passed. I know I passed because I had Shari, Leonard and my tutor telling me exactly what to write, how to approach the questions and how to prepare.

I am the kind of person who needs specifics, tell me exactly what to do and I can do it.

Even if you can’t do the 1:1 course I suggest you get at least one session of 1:1 or at the very least show up before class about 1/2 hour early and the graders will be there to answer your questions.

*Geneva E., Esq.

*(last name withheld to protect student privacy and confidentiality)

I liked the MBE with BARWINNERS better than the other course because the MBE Workshop and workbook uses solid bar questions. Most places just make up their own. From the Workshop and everything barwinners and the MBE Prof. went over, I knew the answer to at least 6 questions on the bar before I even finished reading them because they were exactly the same as the ones we had done in class.

If performance exams are a problem a Professor at Whittier, Christine Kelton teaches the PT section and she is the PT master.

Plus, Shari guessed 5 of the 6-essay topics- 4 were nearly exact matches.

If you take the program make sure your outlines are done before the first day of class – it makes it so much easier!

Whatever you decide I wish you the best. Bar prep is stressful no matter what but I really believe Shari’s program worked for me and kept me as relaxed and happy as possible. It’s just a different way of approaching it than barbari or any of the others.

Good Luck!