I LOVED BARWINNERS! The Barwinners On Line course helped me to pass the bar and achieve my goal of being a licensed CA attorney. Shari’s method and teaching was crucial in my success.

I’m so glad I found out about this course after I graduated law school because BARWINNERS has proven to help out-of-state law students like myself pass the bar. I was able to watch the lectures on my computer, submit simulated exams for grading along with the Live class, and participate in every way as if I was attending the live lectures. It allowed me to work while I studied, and pass!

So many former students who have taken Shari’s course have all said, ” Just listen to Shari, and she will help you pass.” They were right! I can be proud of my achievement of passing the bar all thanks to Shari and the Barwinners’ team.

*Tanya O, Esq.

*(last name withheld to protect student privacy and confidentiality)

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