Matthew Briggs

Thank you so much for taking me last minute last February.

I passed the Feb 2015 CA bar after failing in July.

I had done barbri and kaplan and neither of them taught me how to write a passing essay.

After you read my previous California Bar Exam essays you immediately identified my problem and in just two hours with your team I had gained the confidence in myself that I could pass this test. I had a plan of attack to take on this test. During the test I freaked out but just kept saying if I did what Leonard told me to just play the game and not to get fancy I would be ok.

I treated what you guys told me as the word of God and here I am with my license. I cannot thank you guys enough.

Of my study group I was the bottom scorer in July and this test I was the only one who passed! I didn’t want to check online and then they all texted me that they failed! Finally two hours later I checked and my name was on the list! Thanks again I cannot recommend you enough to everyone I meet who can’t write a decent (passing) essay. -*Matt (*last name withheld to protect student privacy and confidentiality).

One thought on “Repeater-California Bar Exam- ” Passed”- Whittier Law School

  1. Shari Karney

    We are so proud of you Matt. Knew you could do it with the right kind of help! Everyone at Barwinners is delighted by your success. Thank you for your kind words and appreciation. Please stay in touch. You will always be part of the Barwinners family. From our heart to yours–Bravo. Shari Karney, Esq.

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