If you failed the California bar exam…

Do you know what caused you to fail?

If you don’t know what went wrong, how do you fix it?

BARWINNERS Bar Review Repeater Course—Passing the California Bar Exam

Barwinners Bar Review can help you.

Send your California Bar Exam score sheet to us to get a FREE personalized score sheet phone evaluation by Shari Karney, Esq. who has over 30 years of experience helping students pass the California Bar Exam or written evaluation by one of Barwinners private experienced one-on-one tutors. There is no obligation and it’s FREE…

  • Get a clear diagnosis of what went wrong and what needs to be fixed in order to pass next time.
  • Find out how to schedule your time more efficiently in order to pass.
  • Discover what your score means from the California bar grader’s point of view.
  • Get study method recommendations.
  • Learn what to do differently next time in order to pass the California Bar Exam.
  • Find out which tested portion of the California Bar Exam needs more work and how to balance your study focus and effort better next time.



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Learn why we are the best course for those retaking the California bar exam.


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Most students who take the California Bar Exam, know enough law to pass but don’t, because passing the California bar exam requires more than knowledge of the law; it requires knowing how to apply the law the way the California Bar Examiners need to see it on the page. 

California bar examiners take 1-2 minute to grade your essay and performance test. They have a very narrow and specific standard and grade against a pre-determined answer.  That means you have to have a very structured, pre-formatted, boots-on-the-ground memorization of the law and methods of application pre-learned, pre done and ready to go, game day. That method needs consistent practice with quality feedback and simulated bar testing, especially for repeat takers.

Many bar review courses disregard the unique needs of the repeat bar exam taker. Repeaters tend to take advantaged of a free or discounted repeat of your last bar review course and end up failing the bar again, maybe even scoring lower the next time. You can’t do the same thing in the same way and expect a different result. Barwinners offers one of the only California Bar Review courses and one-on-one tutorial programs designed for repeaters bar exam needs.

Included in the Repeater Course

Barwinners Bar Review Repeater Course is outstanding for repeaters who were previously unsuccessfull on the California Bar Exam.

  • Step by Step Substantive Approaches—Control over the Essays
  • The Barwinners Approach Book “Bar Bible” is organized in bar-ready-to-write format and structure. The Approach Book does a lot of the work for you!
  • We give you the headnotes and sub headnotes that you are going to use on the actual exam in our Approach Book. This Approach Book shows you what issues you need to write for heavily tested areas. We give you pre-memorizable structure, headings, rules and sub issues with sub rules all ordered and formatted to make essay writing and application of the law second nature.
  • Live classes (Essay, Performance Test and MBE Classes) with a professor in the classroom. Interaction with instructor and other students. (Online program available).
  • Master Writing California Bar Exam Essays with Barwinners Question and Answer Books, Vol. I and II, practice essay questions and Barwinners Cut Sheet Answers, Suggested Released Answers, and Barwinners Written Answers.
  • Master the Performance Test Workshops
  • Practice over a thousand MBE questions with explanations
  • Simulated Exams, Essays, Performance Tests, MBE Exams with quality grading and personalized feedback.
  • Raise your Raw MBE Score
  • Structured program, study schedule, homework and accountability.